From our TYES Families:

"TYES has been a valuable resource for our family. Not only do they offer links to other helpful groups, but they have done SO much research and homework that they have made my life easier. TYES biggest impact on our family though is just knowing that others have traveled this road before us. And survived and thrived. Raising a gender variant child can be a scary journey; TYES is there to make that journey an easier one."


“My daughter transitioned over a year ago. We were living in another state at the time and I couldn’t find any resources for parents.  Luckily we moved to Colorado and found TYES.  I was immediately relieved to have found that such a group exists!

Connecting with TYES has been invaluable to us. It is so nice to talk with other parents who understand what we are going through.  I really appreciate the fact that it's local, real live in person support.  It has been such a boost to my daughter’s sense of self worth and belonging to play with other kids like her.  I am also so appreciative of the parents who have walked before us here in our home town and state and share their specific experiences with doctors, procedures, schools, policies, etc.  I felt very overwhelmed at first.  Now that I have talked to other TYES parents and benefited from TYES guest speakers, I have a much better grasp of what to do to support my daughter.

I truly feel supported by being a part of TYES.  I encourage any and all parents who have gender non-conforming or transgender children in Colorado to join us as we work together to make the world a better place for our trans kids and to support our children and each other.”


"TYES connected my daughter to a knowledgeable doctor who could meet and exceed her medical needs.  I will be forever grateful for that!"


"TYES helps me and my family feel empowered knowing we have the tools and resources to help others understand and accept my trans daughter.  That support has made it possible for my daughter to thrive."

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